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What I Offer

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Individual counselling sessions

I specialise in providing counselling for Autistic, ADHD, Neurodivergent adults and offer LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy. As a late diagnosed autistic person, I understand the complexities of identity and want to offer you that safe space to explore who you are and celebrate your uniqueness.

I offer short- and long-term individual counselling online and by telephone to those aged 18 and above. I offer weekend and evening (between 6 pm and 10 pm) appointments Online and, on the telephone.

My Approach

I offer a talking therapy that is warm and empathetic where I will provide you with the space to be listened to and empower you to take the steps in your own life to take charge of your mental health and overcome the difficulties you face.

I am an integrative counsellor which means that I draw from more than one method of counselling. I use psychodynamic, humanistic, creative and CBT approaches in a way that is tailored to the needs of the individual. I draw from Object relations, gestalt, attachment, and intersubjective theories. I use the Relational integrative model (RIM) to integrate these approaches. This refers to therapy as a relational process that involves our relationship with each other and with ourselves. I value the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and this is at the heart of my approach. Through the contexts of our earliest experience of others we form patterns of relating. Through the therapeutic relationship I will support you in making sense of the world, explore who you are and how this is shaped by your experience. I want you to be able to share your experiences without fear or judgement and I would like to provide you with that safe space to do so.

What I work with:

  • Neurodivergence
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self esteem
  • Identity
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Trauma

I am Committed to continuous professional development and have recently undertaken training and workshops on subjects on, ADHD, Autism, Trauma, emotional abuse and gaslighting and internal family systems.

Neurodivergent Therapy

My approach to therapy is rooted in empathy, understanding, and a deep appreciation for the neurodivergent spectrum. I strive to be a neurodivergent affirming therapist, fostering an environment where individuals feel heard, validated, and empowered.

Through specialised techniques and tailored strategies, I aim to support Neurodivergent clients in overcoming challenges, enhancing self-awareness, and building meaningful connections.

I appreciate that every Neurodivergent person is different and so have different needs and preferences. Therefore, I take a client-centred approach and make use of creative approaches where appropriate that are tailored to the individual. This approach is combined with a knowledge and understanding of the Neurodivergent experience through both lived experience and education. I endeavour to work collaboratively with everyone to create a space that works best for them.

What to expect

Initial Consult:

This 15- minute session is designed to get to know each other, understand what has brought you to counselling and explore how we may work together. I will ask you about what has brought you to counselling what you hope to get out of counselling and provide space to answer any questions you may have.

First session:

If you choose to proceed, we can book a 50-minute “Getting to know you” session. To further understand how we can work together it is important to get to know you. This involves understanding more about your history and what has led you to where you are now. I will also ask you if there is anything you were wanting to bring to the first session and provide space in the session to explore this.


£60 per 50-minute session

Free initial consult